Art Deco posters: Gatsby's lavish lifestyle for your home

Mirko Oberhof Art Deco Posters Wall Art

A lavish imagery of Cleopatra

An Art Deco poster brings 20s glamour to your home. Timeless art deco motifs fit every room and adorn your living room as well as your sleeping room and your office. Paintings from this exceptionally aesthetic era balance between floral patterns from Art Nouveau times and a simplistic view of reality with strict geometrical spaces that derive from a futuristic functionalism. Gold, bronze and copper are the dominating materials of the epoch. Everything in Art Deco posters screams splendor. Nonetheless did artists from the time desire a broad availability of their works in people’s homes. The 1920s were a time of economic awakening after all. We share this vision and bring it to life with a fine selection of inexpensive, manually digitally remastered art deco posters. If you feel your home could use a luxurious Gatsby vibe – whose couldn’t? - get yourself an Art Deco poster over your bed, your sofa or your dining table.

What is the difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau?

Art Deco posters originally arose between the 1920s and 1940s. Hence the epoch stands in direct succession of Art Nouveau of which Art Deco posters borrowed many formalistic elements. In addition to the forementioned floral patterns Art Nouveau’s thin lines, palatial ornaments and an unmissable opulence found their way into Art Deco posters. While it may sound like contradiction, Art Deco posters exude a chilly aesthetic despite that. This comes from influences of uprising artistic styles like the German Bauhaus, the Austrian Vienna Workshop and Dutch De Stijl. Art Deco Posters adopted their harsh geometric elements and the idea that aesthetic and function are not mutually exclusive that we call functionalism today. This unlikely combination resulted in one of the most interesting styles of art that captured a time between the problems of industrialization and increasing wealth that still fascinates today.

Typical themes of Art Deco posters

The time bring did not mainly spawn Art Deco posters. To a greater degree Art Deco revolved around architecture, furniture and textiles. Mass produced appliances and breathtaking buildings with opulent décor that combine aesthetics and functionality we’re new at the time. Hence it is not surprising that buildings, appliances, furnishment and fashion we’re predominantly depicted during the time and often used themes in Art Deco posters. The uprise of advertisement at the time also influenced Art Deco posters motifs heavily. Hence there is a variety of exceptionally aesthetic Public Service Announcements and commercials from the 1920s.

The right Art Deco poster for every room

Undoubtedly there is not the right Art Deco poster. Many factors play a role. What color is the wall? Which furnishing adorns the room? Where exactly do you plan to hang your new Art Deco poster? We recommend hanging plain posters with modest colors above the TV set to not distract from the TV program. Above the chesterfield on the contrary it is charming to place palatial imagery with lots of gold and ornaments as it stands in contrast to the plain upholstery.

Since Art Deco was an epoch of fashion and aesthetics, posters from this time are very fitting for your bedroom. Place a couple of Art Deco posters near your wardrobe as inspiration. Don’t dress for the job you have, but for the job that brings you to that lavish Gatsby party! If you plan to adorn your bedroom with an Art Deco poster keep in mind that menacing motifs and caution against a technocratic dystopia are not the material that sweet dreams are made of.

As aforementioned there were plenty of advertisements in the style of Art Deco posters. Public Service Endorsements for the (today controversial) benefits of milk, commercials for wine and coffee motifs bring a classy retro look to your kitchen, symbol a lifestyle of abundance and thus function as a subtle motivation to start your day right. You are that girl sitting in a café on Rome’s piazza this morning! And not that tired pile of futility that you’re normally at 6 am. 

Art Deco posters: Finding the right frame

There are plenty of methods to hang your Art Deco poster on the wall. Double faced adhesive tape, poster hangers, stretch tensioners and the good old thumbtack. But only a high-quality frame puts presents your new Art Deco poster in the right light. Which frame you need exactly depends on the motif. An Art Deco poster, in which gold, bronze and black will be dominant, will not look good in a silver frame. White frames keep on the sideline but can be a harsh contrast to a dark poster. For most Art Deco posters, we recommend a black frame. Black frames are manufactured from wood or plastic. While plastic is lightweight and easy to clean, wood gives a more precious impression.

You also must decide which material you want the pane to be made of: Acrylic or glass? Acrylic has the more attractive price and is less prone for damages during shipping. It is vulnerable for scratches from cleaning on the other hand. Glass is heavy and has a slightly more valuable feel to it but won’t scratch as easily. Most online shops, including us, will ship your Art deco poster with an acrylic pane, because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Most importantly your pane should be anti-glare so that you can enjoy your Art Deco poster regardless of light incidence.

The last decision to be made is: Do you want to present your Art Deco poster in a passepartout? A passepartout is a photo mount made of a premium cardboard with a tapered cut out the middle. The use of a passepartout is advisable in two cases:
1. You already have a frame. Its dimensions exceed the posters dimensions and the passepartout helps you overcome the difference.

2. You already have or want to use an opulent frame with many golden ornaments. The frame distracts the viewer from the Art Deco poster so that you create an optical abscission by using a passepartout.

Art Deco posters generally impress with noble materials and colors. We would advise against an opulent frame and rather advocate for a thin black frame made from wood. You won’t need a passepartout in that case. A playful but unobstrusive frame works as well, as you can see below.

Could we convince you to bring some Gatsby glamour into your home?

Art Deco posters are timeless and bring a distinguished noble look into your home. Whether it’s a cool retro advertisement for your kitchen or a fashion icon for your bedroom – allow yourself to be motived by the lavish lifestyle of the 1920s where everything was gold and sorrows drowned in Champagne.