Discover Art Nouveau Vintage & Retro Posters

Art Nouveau posters are an exceptionally beautiful additions to your walls. The international style was popular for only 20 years between 1890 and 1910. Hardworking artists, Alphonse Mucha leading the way, nonetheless created countless masterpieces that we can enjoy as Art Nouveau posters today. The revolutionary movement began in France and Belgium and quickly spread across Europe, taking on different nuances in every country. By 1914 with the beginning of the first world war and the rise of grimmer times, the buoyant Art Nouveau was exhausted and further developed to Art Deco and Modernism.

Typical characteristics of Art Nouveau posters are flowing forms and floral ornaments. Beautiful women are commonly depicted, often Sarah Bernhardt, France’s most popular actress from fin de siècle times. Different from all artworks before Art Nouveau posters were not confined to aristocratic art galleries but due to new lithograph and print techniques available to the broader public. The fine designs were found on walls and in magazines.

Starting in the 2000s Art Nouveau posters experience a renaissance and grow in popularity again. That’s not surprising because the exquisite designs are timeless and adorn every room. Grab your museum-quality Art Nouveau print today from our fine selection blow.