Bedroom with fireplace and art above the bed

Discover Bedroom Vintage & Retro Posters

Shop beautiful Art Nouveau and Art Deco Posters specifically preselected for your bedroom.

At VINTRO we find, restore and offer stunning vintage wall art from the past, as well as retro posters from the present. Both can be very beneficial for any room, however bedroom posters can be a bit tricky to choose.

The bedroom is the place within your home, where recreation, calmness and intimacy reign. The haptic of materials is rather soft and the colors aren't too shiny. Therefore, your wall art should be chosen accordingly. 

Recommended art prints for your bedroom are featuring motifs that aren't too strong and color palettes that aren't too bold. Bedroom art should enhance the room's calm mood and support rest, not disturb it. 

Browse through our bedroom preselection of classy and interesting, yet calming, vintage posters for your bedroom and find the perfect pick.