Cozy living room with a sofa and decorative vases

Discover Living Room Vintage & Retro Posters

Shop exquisite vintage posters for your living room at VINTRO. We offer a huge variety of admirable wall art, ranging from Art Nouveau posters to Art Deco posters and Vintage Advertisement posters in general.

Explore our hand-curated retro art preselection for your living room. Posters in this category have certain properties that wouldn't necessarily fit your other rooms. Your living room is the heart of your home. It is the place where a lot of the action happens and most of your time will be spent. It is NOT primarily a place of quietness and recreation but MORE a place where you encounter dear guests, have inspiring conversations or listen to your favorite music. 

Living room wall art should have features such as energetic and bold colors, inspiring or intriguing motifs and in general a certain vividness. No matter how you have decorated your living room, you are probably looking for vintage wall art that can become the centerpiece of attention. We are here to help! Explore stunning posters for your living room below.