Discover Travel Vintage & Retro Posters

Vintage travel posters made an astonishing transition from ad to art. When commercial travel took off in the early 20th century travel destinations started competing. Later airlines battled railway and boat travel with heavily promoting harder to reach more exotic destinations. Vintage travel posters were used to summon wanderlust struck travelers from near and far. Now the designs serve as delightful reminders of happy vacations, honeymoons, and adventurous short trips and are highly popular among collectors.

Before journeys by train became common, travel to far destinations was out of imagination for many. Vintage travel posters had to close this gap with their brilliant colors, vivid motifs and an ability to radiate a sense of adventure and exploration. They successfully attracted people to book trips by hanging up vintage train posters, lithographs with airplanes, and historical boat travel advertisements.

Vintage travel posters come in many styles and reflect the respectively in vogue characteristics. Until the 1920s travel posters were heavily influenced by Art Nouveau. When Art Deco and Modernism took over, travel posters also changed. Explore them all and find out which style evokes the wanderlust in you.