About Us

We at VINTRO are more than just another wall art shop. Read on to find out more about what really motivates us.

Vintage is not a style. It’s a passion.  

Having fun at the Louvre

When you grow up in Europe, the world around you can seem like a giant museum divided only by a few borders. You don’t have to go to Paris to visit the Louvre (which of course we did) to come in touch with art. It can pretty much by found anywhere. The moment you step over your porch you’ll encounter prints of Vermeer in a Dutch coffee shop, buildings in the style of Hundertwasser on a Barcelona street or maybe even an original Banksy in a random London backalley. 

Art is plentiful and omnipresent but somehow, it’s the more inconspicuous works, far away from famous galleries, that have always excited us the most.

Many popular artworks – although great – never really caught our attention the way that vintage and retro does. For whatever reason it’s the Art Déco themed media blockbusters like Bioshock or The Great Gatsby that are deeply resonating with our generation. It’s the old school font on a grimy looking vintage poster promoting a spectacular boxing match between two legends, that catches our attention. It's the mystery surrounding the daring stare of a long dead magic performer that we find intriguing.

Finding beauty in the works of the old masters is easy, but looking for it in between the cracks of a 1890s vintage poster is different. Valuing this form of art definitively is for some, not for all.

« Retro is cool but diggin‘ the crates is great. »

Selfie at the Louvre

What’s better on a Sunday morning than grabbing coffee and skimming the local flea market for amazing vintage prints? This is something that we were missing the most as soon as Corona hit. It was on one of these days (mid-lockdown 2020) when we decided to try a different approach instead and started browsing for interesting vintage prints online.

To our surprise we quickly found out that it wasn’t as fun as we thought. We regularly would end up with low-resolution images of otherwise fantastic looking artworks that were not only severely damaged but also not up for sale as printed products. It was so frustrating, that we finally decided to close our laptops (for good) and open up some cold brews instead.

It was during the subsequently casual conversation that we jokingly claimed “if prints like these aren’t up for sale then we might as well create them ourselves!” What started as a bluntly delivered one-liner between two aspiring art connoisseurs soon became a life altering project.  

Story Driven: The Thrill of Discovery

Ever since we started VINTRO (clever wordplay on vintage and retro, eh?) we totally fell in love with discovering new old designs and the work that’s necessary to bring them onto the walls of our family, friends and all members of the Art Lover’s Club.

There is nothing like exploring a newly found archive and finding a – yet to be indexed – masterpiece, whose uniqueness will only be topped by the fascinating story behind it. Researching our sources, we repeatedly found that artworks alone can be very interesting but almost every time we gathered the slightest background information, it became even more rich, remarkable and valuable to us.

Preserving History.

At VINTRO we are doing our best to find unique, rare or simply stunning looking vintage and retro artworks that will enhance your beloved home in a way that’s both stylish and interesting. While exploring the virtual attics and basements of our modern digital world, we want to provide you with beautiful wall art, that has been either created decades ago or recently and embodies the distinguished style of past times in true retro fashion. It’s our pleasure to keep you updated with captivating background information that you are very welcome to share with your guests, while standing in front of your wall in awe, gazing at our digitally remastered print.    

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave your e-mail address in the box at the bottom to join the VINTRO Art Lover’s Club and secure yourself a permanent discount on every order.