Digital Remastering

Our team of art professionals carefully curates every design before it's added to our store. We focus on vintage masterpieces in an exceptional quality that is accounted for by our manual remastering process.

Manual retouch

Original Image Original
Modified Image VINTRO Remastered

Have you recently looked at a photograph of your ancestors? Changes are high that the photo deteriorated heavily. Time also doesn't improve old litographs. Posters are folded, colors fade and parts of the image may be missing completely. We manually restore these imperfections. We remove dust, scratches and stains. We bring colors back to life and adapt the image's background. Lastly we use the restored file to fit the design into today's common poster formats. In short, we create the perfect vintage poster product for you.

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Careful research

Foregone is a careful research period. Artists from the turn of the century usually created multiple versions of the same design for varying areas of application. We examine all of them and decide for the best variant. While artistic expression influenced the different versions and is bound to be subjective, there are characteristics we agreed on to determine the prime variant. Furthermore our research team intensly looks for the most flawless and highest resoluted source material.

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